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Robby Grewal on Samay

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by nelson on Nov 24, 2003 02:01 PM

hey ! samay is an inspiring story of a cop,but it stands true on the mood of the spectators as they are mostly fan of sush as an good dancer and actress not a cop.

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good job!! hope for more better works
by anushree on Nov 01, 2003 04:11 PM

Samay!!! This movie had exited me, yes. But when i saw the movie, there was a mixed feeling of both satisfaction and unfulfillment. Both are extremes,I understand, but thats how most of us must have felt.
I loved Sush in the movie. She is out of her image of a siren. The typical 'mast' girl has grown up. I felt the same when I saw her 'Filhal'. Technically also the movie was sleek. But now coming to the prblem point...it was hard to believe the climax. I cannot express it clearly coz otherwise it will reveal the story. But those who have seen the movie will also think the same. The culprit was neither a psycho nor a professional killer, a common man leading to such henious crime just for professional rivalries!!! This is hard to believe....
Anyways, the movie is a must watch and we hope to get better work in future.
Anushree Basu
Freelance Journalist.

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Tribute to Hitchcock and Shyamalan ?
by Somesh on Oct 28, 2003 02:20 AM

Haven't you guys seen SEVEN and BONE COLLECTOR ?

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