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Why Feroz Khan means quality

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Hasrat Khan MD
Feroz Khan movies
by Hasrat Khan MD on Jan 17, 2006 05:58 AM

I grew up watching Feroz Khan movies and indeed, they used to be about a decade ahead of the time and style. His movies like Quarbani and Jaanbaaz though released in 80's, still suit the style of 2000.
Also, one can never get bored with the music of his movies.
Wish Feroz Khan continued success with acting and movie making.

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Kalbey Ali Khan
Feroze Khan
by Kalbey Ali Khan on May 30, 2004 01:08 PM

I was asked to meet a beaming young man with a towering personality at the The Oberoi, New Delhi by Nawabzada Syed Zulfiquar Ali Khan memeber Lok Sabha. When I along wikth my three children met the gentleman, he was Mr. Feroze Khan the famous Film Star. I found him a down to earth genmtleman and an affectionate friend. I have always enjoyed his filks, his personal roles thoroughly. He is a perfectionist and loves keep his audience guessing for surprises.

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Nazir Patel
Feroz Khan and Sai Baba
by Nazir Patel on Nov 26, 2003 06:57 AM

Feroz talks about Sai Baba in his interview.
This is what I like about our India. I am from
Ahmedabad , now a Canadian. Ahmedabad a hotbed of
communal riots. Yet along with my Muslim brothers and
sisters , our very loyal friends( more than friends)
were and have been Hindus. And I know from growing
up in the City , that the fabric of our nation is such
that when it comes to Sai Baba or a Pir or Ajmer or
even the Infant Jesus in Mysore , the religion forgets the divide. Let us hope that this spirit brings us together. Our cultural diversity and the interbeliefs is something that makes me proud to be an Indian. I am writing this on the auspicious occasion of Eid and my prayer is that we all live in peace and harmony. Bollywood is the best example. I urge Bollywood to spread the message. Let the stars make public announcements. They can make a big difference. Where politics divide , Bollywood can bring people together.

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All the Best
by Deepak on Nov 24, 2003 08:08 PM

Feroz Khan films always mean style and pure entertainment. Jaanbaaz is my favorite one ...what style, what shots, what grandeur and what glamor there was in that film. Hope Janasheen recaptures all of that. All the Best!

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Kalbey Ali Khan
Feroze Khan v/s Quality
by Kalbey Ali Khan on Nov 24, 2003 06:31 PM

As an actor he worked hard on his role and always did justice to his role. I have nort seen any film which has been completed under his direction, but I am sure whatever he will it will be superb

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