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''Shame on you, Mr Bush!''

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by R.sridhar on Apr 04, 2003 05:11 PM

It is high time to stop the war.Bush dont beat around
the bush. Just for the self interest do not spoil the
decorum of the world. How you are sleeping when so
many people lost their lives in Iraq.If you do not
stop the war your own people throw you out shortly.


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Suresh Radhakrishnan
Bush the imperial emperor
by Suresh Radhakrishnan on Mar 27, 2003 01:02 PM

I dont have any problems with America fighting evil and raising its voice against heinous crimes. What I object to is the conniving way in which such crimes are capitalized at a future oppurtune moment to forward American Interests. For an american president "American Interests" reigns supreme over other lesser lofty goals such as freedom,democracy and liberty. If Saddam has a been a evil force and has committed heinous crime then he should have been attacked and brought to book when he committed those heinous crimes not a decade and half later. At the time he committed those crimes america turned a blind eye to it and in fact slept with him since they were at war with iran. And Right now America is doing the same mistake of supporting another dictator called president musharraf for their short term interests. Some decades later the same americans will be demanding democracy for pakistan after pakistan has terrorised and destoryed the neighbourhood.
As far as the idea of spreading democracy to the iraqi people goes its a farce because if you really want to free and liberate people why dont you start with other arab nations or for that matter with far more worse and poorer african nations. If you want to conqure iraq please do so and but say it openly and clearly that you are waging a imperial war but for heaven sake dont mask it under the pretence of liberating iraqi people or stating other ridiculous altruistic reasons for war. Nobody loves saddam and the fact of the matter is most pro-war supporters are supporting this war because its been thrust in their face by bush and blair. They probably had no opinion about saddam or did not care about iraq prior to bush making it the issue of the day. In my opinion,you had september 11th and you had your just revenge in afghanistan and it should have ended there instead bush has spinning this fiction of a potential attack from saddam as a reason for the war and not only that he wants the world to now believe that the real reason for the war is spreading "democracy" in iraq. What a way to insult rest of the world by using his entire propaganda machine to create this "fictitious" web of terror to fight the real terrorism that is occuring everyday elsewhere on non-americans. Besides,the reasons for this war seems to be changing every day from WMD,to terrorism,to liberty and in reality its all about american hegemony in the region. I really feel for the US and UK soldiers who are as much victims of this as the iraqi people. A unjust war will leave a terrible scar on their minds far worse than any bullet wound could cause. Don't forget that the oklahoma bombing was terror activity committed by such a disillusioned soldier (Timothy mcVeigh)who returned from the first gulf war and turned against their own government.

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by rehman on Mar 26, 2003 02:11 PM

i think mr michel moore,s comments are remarkable and very near to reality. He is artist and he knows whats reality thats why he gave such a great comments agaisnt the Presedent .Mr Bush and his allies should realize they have to die too and they have to answer thier deeds infornt of Almighty.they are killing innocent people of Iraq .God created all the people and God love His People and who will kill them God will never Forgive him. SO mr Bush for God sake do not kill innocent people this is the voice of whole World.

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