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Will The Hero work?

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sorry for parvin shah.........
by bajith on Mar 06, 2003 11:14 PM

I really feel sorry for Pravin Shah who invested 500 million for the movie "The Hero". Moreover people are no more accepting such movies which just revolves around a routine story.Bollywood film Industry is loosing its Identity by repeating the same bull-shit stories ,Novelty has been missing since last 10 years,But very few films gave us real entertainment ,I request all producers and directors of Bollywood to go for novelty and different stories.


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Isn't Sunny Deol like 80?
by cartic on Mar 05, 2003 09:51 PM

About 5 yrs back, Sunny Deol was losing hair worse than a cancer patient experiencing chemo. Now with hair restoration techniques ( or good ol' Rogaine )he is back! Granted the first half of Gadar was good.

If this movie is indeed a remake of "the Saint", it sux! The english version's plot itself was soooo contrived...The promos make quite a splash and has outlandish locations ( like those oh so realistic K3G Chateaus). Why can't desi directors shoot in unexplored parts of India ( northeast, for example!)



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by Rahul on Mar 05, 2003 09:28 PM

Whats new Sunny? Planning to move ur facil muscles anytime soon?? I did'nt think so.... Anywayz, good luck in making mindless action movies - Bollywood Ishtyle.

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Sunny Deol
by Biju.J on Mar 05, 2003 06:48 PM

If sunny is there, then definitely the movie will be worth watching. I will go all out of my way to watch his movie as he is my all time favourite hero. Definitely a shade above than the likes of dutts,kumars, khans & roshans

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sunny deol
by arun on Mar 05, 2003 05:22 AM

as sunny is in the movie, i m definitely going to watch the premire show even if it's Rs10000 a ticket. sunny is the best in action movies after amitabh.

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sunny deol
by binay on Mar 05, 2003 05:18 AM

Obviously "The Hero" is going to be the biggeset hit of this year breaking the records of"Gadar".Sunny is going to take the cake away again .Sunny is the only actor can handle these khans.

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should cut his hair or make it crop cut
by mannsur_aly on Mar 04, 2003 09:04 PM

sunny should stop wearing caps n scarves n should cut down or crop cut his hair n should change his appearance a la hollywood style otherwise he's a treat to watch in senti action movies GHAYAL especially

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