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''I expected The Warrior to win''

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who cares
Did Irfan khan get any award?? did warrior get any award?
by who cares on Feb 24, 2003 09:30 PM

It was not clear through your abt 60 lines article whether or not warrior got any awards.. was that article abt irfan khan just being in matheran and excited?? or was it abt warrior winning some award at BAFTA. such a pathetic article......PLEASE rediff people... give us some better reviews and articles... nowadays it has been noticed that your articles are just bad...too bad... if thats what u are going to give us in future, you are surely loosing one of your regular visitors, thats me... and to hell with your rediffmail... its just as bad as the "go to inbox" page

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by Rakesh on Feb 24, 2003 08:29 PM

Congratulations to the team of The Warrior. I wish to see the movie, but can not now as i am far from India, in the Bahamas.

Any way, congs to Irfan also.

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