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The 48th Filmfare Awards

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waheed shirzay
by waheed shirzay on Dec 23, 2004 11:52 PM

shahrukh deserved to win award in devdas but ajay was right to have critic award i know ajay is best actor but he will win award in the neaxt few years

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hey richa
by suhrab on Apr 13, 2004 09:54 PM

hey richa what are you talking about plz dont compare shahrukh khan with that bangali ajay devgan haahahahahah shahrukhkhan is the king of bollywood and he there is no body to whome u compare shahrukh khan ok ajay is not smart and its ok that ajay is a good actor but he is nt as good as shahrukhkhan.there is nobody smart or good actor than him.mmmm yeah if u say that aamir khan yeah he is good but ajay noway actuallly u cant judge .ok nobody can do act liek shahrukh khan ok he is romantic ,motional fighter he make us cry he make su smile. ok

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he deserves it
by neha on Jun 22, 2003 01:03 AM

shah's performance was excellent in devdas, he has proved it again that he is the best.
many said that hrithik,abishek &all the new ones have ruled over shahrukh,they even said that it's time for him to pack his bag but i guess he has prooved himself that he is the best.
wow! it was an excellent performance by shah in devdas,no one deserves it more than shah.
shahrukh the best among the rest.

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by Randy on Mar 15, 2003 11:01 AM

Here are the true winners at the Filmfare Awards:

Film: Devdas (Honestly, do you think Filmfare would let Kaante, Raaz, or even Company to be best film. Yeah right!!!)

Director: Ramgopal Verma (Company) (Devdas had boring scenes, but every scene from Company was well directed)

Actor: Ajay Devgan (Company) (Why did they gave it to him for, give me three good reasons why he was better than Ajay Devgan)

Actress: Rani Mukherjee (Saathiya) (She honestly deserved it, any more to say!)

Best Supporting Actor: Sanjay Dutt (Kaante) (Vivek did do good, but he was more of a main actor of the film with Ajay D. But when it came to performance wise, Sanjay Dutt was much better.)

Best Supporting Actress: Madhuri Dixit

Best Villain: Ajay Devgan (Deewangee)

Best Comedian: Paresh Rawal (Awaara Paagal Deewana)

Best Music: Anand Raaj Anand (Kaante) (Saathiya songs were good, but not every single song was. Kaante songs were excellent and each song was a HIT.)

Best Lyrics: Humraaz

Best Playback (Male): Sonu Nigam (Saathiya)

Best Playback (Female): Alka Yagnik (Raaz)

Best Film Critics: Legend Of Bhagat Singh and Company

Best Critics Actor: Ajay Devgan (Legend Of Bhagat Singh) and Bobby Deol (Humraaz)

Best Critics Actress: Karishma Kapoor (Shakti)

Special Award: Mahesh Manjrekar for Kaante, and the team of Kaante for making a film with amazing effects.

Scene: Kaante

Technical Awards:
Sound: Kaante
Editing: Kaante
Dialogues: Kaante
Action: Awaara Paagal Deewana
Screenplay: Saathiya
Story: Company or Aankhen
Background Music: Legeand of Bhagat Singh or Company
Cinematography: Devdas
Art Direction: Devdas
Special Effects: Kaante
Choerography: Devdas

Newcomer: Vivek (Company) and Esha Deol

As you can see, Kaante was robbed and other films. All website that reviewed Kaante said that Kaante was briliant when it came down to Technical was the best ever when it came to Indian movies. So why it didn't win a single awards. People of Filmfare lost my respect for the injustice they did for Kaante!

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KAANTE WAS THE BEST! Stupid Filmfare!
by Jay on Mar 08, 2003 07:35 AM

Why did i expect this? Kaante was suppose to sweep the awards. But no, Filmfare only cares about Devdas, Company (which was a good movie) and Saathiya. Sanjay Dutt was AMAZING. How did Vivek win this awards. Kaante is a Huge Hit not only in India, but Overseas. They did unfair justice to this film. Mark my words, Filmfare will regret for what they done, it will bring shame to their faces. A movie like Kaante has already made Indian movies proud. Even my friend with different backgrounds loved it, with the music. Every bit of Kaante was superb. My friends hate Devdas because it was boring and lousy. Kaante, in my heart, you were the best movie of the year.

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savita gandhi
best film awards
by savita gandhi on Mar 07, 2003 10:07 AM

though raaj, dewangee and kaante, humraaj were copies from english movies. people who have seen the english versions will notenjoy the hindi version even though the character play their role well. indian cinema should try to make films or original scripts not copied. characters in the above movies did their part well. If hindi movies are made from english versions the filmfare committee should have a separate awards forsuch movies because the new comers are doing well.
general the awards were fair.
there should be some changes in selecting criteria.

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by said on Mar 04, 2003 02:01 PM

srk is the best mnot comparable with ajay

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by Randy on Mar 04, 2003 07:32 AM  | Hide replies

Honestly, the Filmfare awards wasn't judge properly. How did SRK win best actor? Ajay Devgan had a much much better performance than SRK for Company or TLOBS. The reason why they gave Ajay Devgan
- He's the underdog of this industry
- Everybody likes SRK (except for me)
- They must've have sympathy for him (back injury)
Like again, how did Vivek win the Best Supporting Actor award. Honestly speaking, he was more like a main actor in Company, the movie revolve around Ajay and Vivek. The person who was suppose to win this was Sanjay Dutt for Kaante. His performance was simply excellent. And also, Kaante, Humraaz and Raaz got so many nominations and it didn't even win a single award. What was that? Honestly, Kaante was suppose to get atleast 3-5 awards. Just by this, Filmfare Awards aren't judging this properly. They should get fired and find a next job, or get their eyes checked. Oh yeah before i go, how did Devdas win 11 awards? God help us.

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by :-/ on Feb 22, 2004 06:10 AM
well evry1 likes SRK for a reason....eva think of tat? but i admit the filmfare awards r rely messed. but SRK did a fabulous job in devdas. so the awards can b fair...at times

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by ruma on Mar 03, 2003 06:34 PM

im so angry for not knwoing that ajay has got the critcs award - this aint fair!!!!!! i swear i hated depressing devdas yet madhuri did fab performance.... ajay should have got it this aint fair!!!!!!!!!!!!

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