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Babita: The dainty businesswoman

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corejous woman
by vikas on May 28, 2005 02:13 PM

Shammi Kapoor the first male candidate of capoor famly I think, who marry actress Gita Bali without any intimation/permition of parents & then Babita
fimale candidate who marry Daboo in oposition of
kapoo family\'s vetrans & show confidant in get seprated from Daboo when think so the coregous decision power of Babita is greatly apritiated.

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Ika Ik
re: babita
by Ika Ik on Oct 15, 2003 04:17 AM

geezes, whats the big deal about her. she wasnt a great actress anyways. moreover she seems like the woman who likes to drive her daughters life around. Also as i recall, when her and her daughters came to canada they were nothing but bunch of snobs!
sorry to say this but they were.

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The hype about Babita & her daughter.
by Sunbrij on Sep 27, 2003 12:10 PM

Why so much of a hull-a-baloo about an actress who wasn't much of an actress any way. And to top it all, now there's so much hype being created about her daughters wedding, which only a couple of months ago was to have been solemnised with somebody else. I think we Indians have nothing better to do, than idolise. No wonder . . . .

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by shailen on Aug 25, 2003 04:11 PM

To be honest I think Babita was a dame who could not act at all. Ever her loks appealed to only those male who thought anything whitish was attractive.
I hold the same for her daughters. While Karisma rose up by doing those obscene jhatkas with Govinda, Kareena's is yet to learn how to use her face and is making do with her hips for now.

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Anitha Gowda
Comments on Mrs.Babitha
by Anitha Gowda on Aug 25, 2003 02:53 PM

Dear Babitha,

I really apperciate your efforts in making your daughters Karisma & Kareena for what they are today.

But i had read sometime back that you was the reason for the break-up of Karisma and Abshiehk Bachans enagagement. i belive that if Karisma would have been the daughter-in-law of Bachans family would have been much better than marrying a guy who is in business and a divorce. that's not we want as a fan of Karisam. You have achieved through your daughter in the film field. Our only hope is that Karisma should have long lasting married life. And be a symbol for our Indian society.

Wishing you all the best.

Warm regards,
anitha gowda

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