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Chori Chori is heartwarming

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Madhuri\'s fan
Such a bias!
by Madhuri\'s fan on Aug 01, 2003 07:01 PM  | Hide replies

This comment is not directed only at the person who reviewed Chori Chori ar rediff.com but is directed at some other reviewers too.

Well, when Kareena plays a loud character, people call her names, claim that she has screamed and overacted.

From the promos of CHori Chori, Rani has screamed out of her lungs too, but people call that 'composed comedy?'! I have seen Bichoo and she overacts so badly. But no one will point their fingers at her because she is not Kareena. She is Rani with two recent hits under her belt, thanx to her costars and good music.

Rani is so overrated!

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RE:Such a bias!
by jeweleyes on Oct 23, 2004 04:06 PM
hey whoever, if u think RANI is overrated, what would you call AISHWARYA RAI?

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