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belur vas
by belur vas on May 18, 2020 04:24 PM

with no guarantee of income for next few months, finding ways to reduce expenses.

with most of the shops closed, avaidable expenses has indeed come down without compromising on eating good food and eating healthy. no doubt electricity bill will shoot up but we have saved on fuel bills, hence OK. i am sure all like minded people would be working out to cut cost.

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Monthly budget
by DIGAMBAR JOSHI on May 15, 2020 10:12 AM

For the last two months we didn't buy new clothes, utensils. Didn't travel or go to cinema. We paid salary to maid, though she didn't work due to lock down. Roughly our monthly expenses were mainly groceries, light bill, internet, milk, mobile charges which were around 14000 per month. We saved at least 1000 per month.

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