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susarla suryaprakasam
postponement of JEE and Neet.
by susarla suryaprakasam on Aug 28, 2020 04:09 PM

90% of our CMs are semiliterate or illiterates. A loss or abridgement of academic year in JEE/IIT or NEET/Medical courses will affect the students trmendously in their education and post-education/placements. Further, the COVID incidence of Mortality is very low, say among 10 lakh students appearing for JEE/NEET, only 10000 are likely to face the extreme, that too less chance in this age group. Already all the state governments shut their doors and only paying wages to employees with zero productivity. These Govts. may sell their surplus lands to Realtors to meet the deficits, as they live on freebies to one and all the Voters that include all unproductive but highly corrupt employees.

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pisapati murthy
by pisapati murthy on Aug 28, 2020 02:59 PM

The Govt.should go ahead with NEET and JEE.It is already delayed.The candidates and as well as agencies conducting the exams should take all precautions for COVID19 infection

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