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daniel thorat
Go Corona -- corona go
by daniel thorat on Apr 09, 2020 02:26 PM

The corona virus seems so extraordinary that all our highly developed knowledge, science, technology - throughout the world - could not find a cure thus far, and we are in fact falling back on things like the HCQ and BCG and other cures found effective against earlier viruses. The estimated demand for ventilators which are used when a patient is very sick and in the critical last stages is frightening. A union minister and
supportive govt. and many others on streets preferred to sing this pathetic chant. The govt. is most definitely and seriously doing all it needs to do to save peoples` lives. But the chant shows that we do not consider this calamity serious enough. There were some maharaj, swamis, god-men who tried to tell us that gaumutr is a guaranteed cure, and some others spread many canards. Let us abide by instructions of our govt. and fully follow the only logical and preventive alternative, not so much of a cure for the infected patient, in the form of lock-down, but meanwhile let us stop trivializing coronavirus by such childish, artless and ignorant chants which are mirthless and show the nation in a poor light.

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