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Insurance policy
by FEDN on Sep 15, 2019 08:48 PM

Insr cos only try to say NO for every claim. I do not understand how garages are able to settle claims for damages, so easily, for substantial amounts. A damage to the car's door was once billed as Rs12000 and customer had to pay Rs 1700 , the rest was paid by the Insr co.
When asked directly, the insr cos refuse or offer a paltry amount. Thus, there is a kick-back system.
Also, the items covered and not covered must be given in a box in the cover note.The comprehensive policy must cover everything.

It wud be interesting, if Insr cos provide a list of payments made to customers during the year. Some transporters get enormous compensation and repair charges regularly. Almost as if it is side business.

Insr cos do not make a loss because of small car owners, like individuals, but from big transport operators of lorries, cars, buses, etc.Let them put out class-wise statistics.

The Insr cos must check repeated claimants and big claims.
There must be social audit. hapless customers' money is being used up by the insr cos to pay a fake claim.

ramu 15/9/19

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