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Dhananjoy Chattopadhyay
by Dhananjoy Chattopadhyay on Jan 17, 2020 07:48 AM

LOAN is the biggest issue to the people. Our motivation must be not to go to do everything as FAST AS POSSIBLE. So called FAST MONEY- FAST ASSET- FAST CAR-. My Question is WHY(?) we should go for LOAN. Wait for time to build your house or car or asset as and when you are capable to buy with YOUR money but not from LOAN money.
Just imagine you buy asset now . Can you justify that the asset cost is bearable by you at any point of time. I am sure NOT. So Keep your mind set as SELF DEPENDENCE but not on LOAN DEPENDENCE.
NEVER EVER GO FOR LOAN must be the FIRST OATH in your life.

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