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Debasish SarmaRoy
In India people are forced to distrust the institutions
by Debasish SarmaRoy on May 07, 2019 10:22 PM

Think about time before French revolution. Had the monarchy not interfered to keep afloat a particular company stock and ultimately gone bankrupt East India company could probably find it extremely difficult to occupy an rule over India for centuries.
Now that particular conviction is almost altogether missing in India in the stock market, where insider trading is more the rule than exception. Unless governments show some firmness here and win the confidence of the mass people than asking the masses to invest in stocks and thereby helping the country to progress exceptionally will remain illusive. And that this will be done in near future is as probable as Imran Khan joining BJP to fight an election. Because the politicians and ultra rich can't depend on so much of uncertainty and speculations to amass easy fortune. So much for our dream of common people investing in stock market .

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