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Robot Restaurant
by Ashwin on Feb 11, 2019 05:48 PM

Very good idea. Hope this solves labor problem at the Restaurant level which means, there is no labor problem. If they could deploy robots at the tables, sure they must have deployed robots for cooking & washing utencils. But will the benefit be passed onto the Customer, in terms of price increase? More IMP, in INdia where there is acute unemployment, if Robots are deployed for all jobs, just imagine where will the labor find jobs? One Hotelier commented that Indian Hotel Industry would have been dead, if there was no migrant labor from Eastern India. There is surplus labor in E.India while acute shortage in S.India. Where will E.India (almost all States) find jobs (who are in Hotel industry) The pathetic plight of migrant Orissa labor working as Water Carriers (bhatis, deliver water in cans to household who are either not connected to Corpn Water or inadequate - The Hindu Feb 10 Magazine section, is enough for Govt in WB to resign immediately. This happens in a Metro City like Calcutta, not recent development but going on for last 100 yrs or so, Metro City, Capital of India till 1913. Water pipe lines & drain lines, laid during 1900s in Hyderabad, when the population was barely 2 laks, serve the needs of the City when population has reached 70 laks (Greater HYderabad) despite improper planning by successive Govts.

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by on Feb 11, 2019 09:27 AM

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