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Meet the first Kashmiri Pandit beauty queen

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bnj jha
we support you
by bnj jha on Oct 04, 2018 02:48 PM

Dear Deep, We support you and this country supports you. DO what you like and enjoy.

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Ramesh N
by Ramesh N on Oct 04, 2018 10:30 AM  | Hide replies

This girl may be a model and beautiful according to the eyes of the selectors/judgets, who chose her. I do not find her beautiful and I feel the selectors have no idea of what is beauty.

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sanjeev shrivastava
Re: Selection
by sanjeev shrivastava on Oct 05, 2018 01:26 PM
Mayawati is beautiful and so is Mamta.Who will you select?

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pk kh
Re: Selection
by pk kh on Oct 05, 2018 02:13 PM
have you ever seen your face in clean mirror....you do not deserve to comment...

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sameer pandita
Kashmiri pandit ?
by sameer pandita on Oct 04, 2018 09:26 AM  | Hide replies

Since when did Sharma become Kashmiri pandits ? Dogri hai ya pandit ?

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Re: Kashmiri pandit ?
by ASHWANI BHAN on Oct 04, 2018 02:02 PM
Sharma surname is also of Kashmiri Pandits.

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