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AI debate: Remembering Stephen Hawking's warning

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Aniruddha Ghosh
Great Joke
by Aniruddha Ghosh on Mar 17, 2018 11:31 AM

Dr Harshvardhan.

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Sciences or Religion
by Kalyankumar on Mar 15, 2018 10:29 AM

Ah... Atlast the great scientist has realized the dangers of science to the so called universe and mankind which came from nowhere and because of science where it will go to its original place (nothing called universe. This is what Krishna has told don't ask questions to me with limited knowledge you acquired in this world within the short span of life you acquired through your Guru ( in modern days through Big big universities). The pity is we are following the same science for generations without verifying who created it, invented it, for what purpose.. But the same so called educated will question the religious beliefs which our ancestors have created thousand of years ago through gurus, yogis out of their practical experience, we aren't believing for our own selfish reasons.


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Science or religion?
by Kalyankumar on Mar 15, 2018 10:21 AM

Ah? Atlast he knows the limitations of science and worries it creates destruction in this so called universe which came from nowhere and he came from somewhere but all prizes awarded for big contributions which are going to take this universe to nowhere which he atleast realized now.

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