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How IIT-B made it to the world's best universities

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Best & Worst
by nova on Jun 11, 2018 11:55 AM  | Hide replies

In Mumbai, we have the best universities and the best engineers but why our roads and buildings are worst? The professionals in India have let this country down!!!!!

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chakravarthy v
Re: Best & Worst
by chakravarthy v on Jun 11, 2018 03:48 PM

I too have such doubts and that applies every where.

For getting admission to top colleges takes toll on us. This was happening in our time and more on our children now but none of them add value to the day to day living of our lives.

This is simply because of the political influence on the government department. They eat every rupee and will not allow any development. Also, all the taxes paid will go to populistic schemes and freebies to the "Public".

Things have to change, change in a big way.

I am sure prime ministers and chief ministers play a big roll to play.

There has to be entrance test and all the politicians have to write the exam. who ever clear the exams only will be allowed to occupy the ministries. Any complaint from any quarter will have to be investigated and send them home...

I gave solution, support me now...

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