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by on Jun 12, 2018 12:29 PM

instead of children, the parents are to be trained to cope with society rather than the children. most students are mentally pressured by their parents, close mates. A atmosphere should really built in our society to encourage children as they are our contry's hope.

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Amrendra Narayan Singh
by Amrendra Narayan Singh on Jun 10, 2018 01:48 PM

Poor mental built by parents. As well as cultural and spiritual deterioration. Parents must make children understand that exam results are not a measure nor is it the end of the world.

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umesh rao
Student suicide
by umesh rao on Jun 09, 2018 09:13 PM

What is revealed is how parents have abdicated their responsibility towards parenting. Of course, this statement is politically incorrect and hence will be criticised. But parents, pause and think: who are the biggest losers in youngsters commuting suicide?

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V Nagarajan
Any action or omission?
by V Nagarajan on Jun 09, 2018 08:48 AM

Any action or omission must be meaningful and useful.
Any action done for the sake of doing something will be more harmful than useful.
The following questions need to asked and answered about NEET?
1)Do we need an extra NEET,when we have an elaborate 12th exam.
2)Is it both rural/urban friendly.
3)Is it poor otherwise good students friendly.
4)How will it make a student a better doctor?
5)Does it mean we were producing not so good doctors all this while,by not having NEET.
6)Is the time,money & energy spent worth while?
7)Is it possible to make the 11/12th syllabus more effective/common for medical education.
8)Why not bring in some medically relevent subjects in 11th & 12th,instead of Phy,Che,Biology etc for medical and para medical courses numbering about 40?

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