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by Bincy on Feb 24, 2018 11:51 AM

The Canadian PM visited India and had Picnic Tour in India used with his own personal fund and he could do official meetings with our Leaders too. It is appreciated. While some of our Leaders use Indian public fund for foreign picnic tours in the name official meetings and waste lot of Indian funds for their personal benefits and beggary picnic tours!! If one leader spends around 5 crore for one day tour, if he arranges 4 day tours in a week it’s around 20 crore rupees. Monthly =80 Crore rupees, yearly= 960 Crore rupees, and 5 years = 4800 crore rupees [ it’s a ruff calculation, the amount varies a huge more than this!]. and for our poor 100 farmers, for each family if they get at least 5 lakh, total is just 5 Crore rupees only. So still almost every day one or 2 farmers suicide in India due to financial problem. As if our so called ‘development promised leaders” shun their face to poor farmers and continue their last wish picnic tours… its very shame to our Indian Nation.

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