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Isha Ambani marriage.
by SAMIR GODAMBE on Dec 10, 2018 12:15 PM

When Non - Ethical businessman like Mukesh / anil Ambani are there, you can see how these people are using the Share Holders money on such useless things.

Neeta Ambani is also going the same way trying to show that she is doing some Humanitarian work with some School going children using her husband's money.

These people should learn from Tata Group the most Ethical People, how to use the money & behave in public.

At the same time, common people also should understand the Money power. The Holldywood Actress like Beyoncé can also dance to your tunes if you have got the money. Only soothing thing in the entire episode is that now Indians can also make Foreigners to dance to their tunes who use to hate Indians till date.

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