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Engineers, here's how you can avoid being laid off

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jignesh narayan parmar
Engineering --
by jignesh narayan parmar on Oct 17, 2017 10:31 AM

Engineering is the worst profession in india - there is no job security - long working hours - low wages - no holidays - no respect - CASTE AND LANGUAGE POLITICS .
ABOVE ALL there is govt taxing authority - eating away salaries of professionals .in the name of supporting the poor - while the poor on one side - keep on increasing the population / create chaos all round the country by thefts, enchroachment ,of roads / spitting and dirtying all public places / engaging in crimes -/ on other side political parties - recruit such people for creating - issues in society like - road blocking / rioting / dharna bazi . etc / TAX PAYERS MONEY IS wasted in giving freebies to these people during elections - as they form a big vote bank .
leaving the development - aside .

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