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Malishka reveals the secret to being a successful RJ

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Loud andmind numbing trash
by auryas on Nov 17, 2017 05:38 PM

They think it is cool to talk so much mindless trash and being rude and invasive.

There is this program on a particular FM channel where the idiot - RJ picks up the phone and talks rubbish to total strangers there by making them look silly - gags or pranks - only in this case, it is repulsive and in bad taste.

Then there are couple of women out there who talk like numb nuuts. I mean no comma, no full stop , no meaning and no context. Just talk loads of trash and clueless garbage. They think it is cool. But it is repulsive.

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The secret of being an RJ
by auryas on Nov 17, 2017 05:29 PM

The secret to being a successful RJ in INdia is the ability to talk incessant gibberish.

Tune in any FM channel here in Hyderabad and you will understand .

Loud, meaningless trash non-stop. At times it crosses the vulgar line. The language used , the kind of subjects chosen and then there are loud commercials.

Wonder where these trash disseminating ( successful) RJs in 10 years. Now that you can not stop talking rubbish day long , what next when hit 30 worse still 40 ?

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