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3 ways to communicate better at work

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first let there be an ethical recruitment system
by thanks thanks on Mar 01, 2017 03:35 PM

first let there be an ethical recruitment system and then talk about any system or nuances of working procedure ;

when nepotism and favouritism is the key of every business why preach all such laughable practices at all ?

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by PRAVEEN ROTTI on Jan 24, 2017 10:45 AM

The above technics are good when the team mates are neither responsible nor firm on their thesis and are simply passing the responsibilty on some body's head.This happens only if the views are not accepted and the team confidence is not matured.Some times one of the decision making head is trying to correct himself by questioning,denying and putting more queries. This happense because of lack of confidence , knowledge and egoistic mind set.
Only the above technic will help to find the logic behind the communications.

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