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The scary story of higher education in India

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Stephen Narayanan
The scary story of higher education in India
by Stephen Narayanan on Jan 14, 2017 06:04 PM

The Mess is a political creation and continues to drag India into the mire of backwardness. My son got 84% marks in his XIIth Board but could not get admission in Delhi University's Regular College and had to settle for Evening College where there is lack of focus and application by the faculties and management. Admission is quota based and the SC's/ST's/ OBC's & other reserved catagories block 60% of the available seats so where do the general public and middle class youngsters go? There is nobody to fund their overseas education and thus on one hand you deprive a deserving and potential student from pursuing his studies of interest and on other hand the catagorized students are unable to get jobs due to poor performance in interviews. Quota gets them Jobs in Government Organizations and they either become paper pushers or block the development projects due to lack of knowledge. No wonder many PSU's are facing closure. Private Colleges short charge hapless middle class and many of them do not have recognition of their Degrees/Diploma's. The UGC and AICTE are other bodies who block the progress of progressive Indian Youth.

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