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Would you pay Rs 1 lakh for your child's study trip?

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learning foreign language should be at the highest priority
by sankalpa on Jan 03, 2017 03:46 PM

If you are visiting Euprope then you should visit well prepared only english language competency wont helpi feel learning foreign language is the first priority the rest follows

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V Nagarajan
by V Nagarajan on Jan 03, 2017 09:45 AM

Certainly a good organized tour has a lot of value.
Developing good character and conduct has nothing to do with it.Teaching values is another job.All of it can be done concurrently and not at the cost of any?

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Prasanna Vishwasrao
Study Tours
by Prasanna Vishwasrao on Jan 03, 2017 09:44 AM

This article talks ONLY about Thomas Cook. Is this an example of paid news?

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Chandrashekara N
Waste of Money
by Chandrashekara N on Jan 02, 2017 07:33 PM  | Hide replies

We should be teaching values to our children, not splurging money on International trips. I had seen parents spending 5 lakh/kid to send them to US tour. Disgusting.

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huma siddiqui
Re: Waste of Money
by huma siddiqui on Jan 03, 2017 09:44 AM
Absolutely...already schools are charging humongous amount in the name of Tuition..Development..Transportation...GPS facility in cabs...Books...Stationary.. and then they slap these tours on parents...it is worthless..you are right...values..education has taken a backseat...

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chandra sekar
Re: Waste of Money
by chandra sekar on Jan 04, 2017 07:59 PM
I wish to add one thing here. Not all those rich kids make it big despite the push from their parents. Lot of self motivated students from normal backgrounds are making it big. So money doesn't guarantee success

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