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Looks or personality: What do lovers want?

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mallaiah anchoori
Good looks always attract...
by mallaiah anchoori on Dec 06, 2017 09:09 PM

Above all the factors determining one's personality which should be,factually speaking, associated more with the intellectual & other abstract factors rather than the physical appearance,it is the looks that fetch one's heart first..say love at first sight..nothing can beat the amorous looks of a love or lover..more so this becomes very important and prominent for the males while female are more heart loving over the former.It is the beautiful woman and her amorous looks that often become the object of attraction for majority of the males while a female bothers equally about the non-physical features and the other intellectual factors before she gives her heart to the male..well this could at times prove to be a result of infatuation often resulting in break down of love affairs.People seldom remember that beauty of the heart is more important than the physical beauty for a harmonious relationship and co-living of a married couple..While the physical beauty is temporary vanishing with advancement of the age,the beauty of heart is always a cementing factor which helps in increase of mutual love for the other as time passes.Precisely,this could be the reason as to why love between the old couple is found always increasing as age advances..As the famous Telugu poet said,luck is the one and heaven is the one where one finds a partner who unites with the heart and life(in vernacular it is said as .."manasuna manasai bratukuna bratukai toaDokarunDina adea bhaagyamu ade sw

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