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4 things successful people do every day

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harihar  patra
Awareness on voting
by harihar patra on Apr 17, 2019 12:11 AM

We , the voters, instead of fighting each other, should analyse on the current politics and parties in a cool and matured mind. No political party is now for motto of service to society, rather they are doing horse trading for their own sake only. they are very shrewd professional business parties to entice our people 's mind by playing blame games , throwing cash or kinds and making various ways & means. None of the leaders of a particular party except 'party supremo or a few closed to him' has no any voice to raise for genuine cause of his constituency or people, because he is winning his seat due to party's brand not of his own quality and leadership.Hence,we can never get any result as per our country's/state's requirement until /unless we get awared of this. we should support such a local leader, not from any party , who is for cause of real social service, is an action man, keeps committment before time without saying lots of stories , taking excuses and doing blame games.if such kind of people is not available, then should vote on 'NOTA' so that the business leaders' candidatures will get cancelled and they would lose huge money invested on bet of political games and finally the business politicians would get frightened to stand and come to politics, and then it would start for good and intellectual people to come to politics, rather than gundas, badmas, cheaters,punjipatis, and horse traders etc. jai hind.

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siva acharya
by siva acharya on May 13, 2017 10:07 AM

There is no specific reason for a person to be successful.Take for example:Mr.Vijay Mallya who was successful in Distillery Business but flop in Airlines business,and Capt.Gopinath who was successful in Commercial airlines Business but failure in cargo Business.

There is no specific relationship between success and Behaviour. Better follow Bhagavad Gita principle to be successful.i.e., Do your Duty Result will come through......

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V Nagarajan
Successful people have?
by V Nagarajan on Apr 25, 2017 09:22 AM

Successful people have.
1)Clear aim or goal in life.(Vision)
2)They have the backing of competence required for it.(Mission)
3)They prepare well for it.
4)They have the leadership quality for continued struggle.

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