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kranthi kumar
How can Bachelors go with it ?
by kranthi kumar on Apr 22, 2017 11:21 PM

Most of the times, Bachelors live together in flat and share the rent.. but only one person pays the rent to the landlord and is legally eligible for claiming HRA. How can others avail the benefit atleast to the amount they paid ?

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Krishnamoorthy v
16--A forms from Banks for TDS
by Krishnamoorthy v on Apr 22, 2017 05:19 PM

The government is expecting the tax payers to submit the ITRs in time and also insisting the proof then and there to have the correct and proper presentation of INCoME for correct tax collection. But it is not seeing their own arms are not extending the needed help for collecting the data. I depend of bank fixed deposits only. But the banks are not issuing form 16-A for TDS deducted in time. REPCO bank CHENNAI writes to me that they will send it by the middle of June17. THEY HAVE ALSO NOT PAID THE TDS IN TOTHE GOVERNMENT ACCOUNT AS SEEN IN 26-AS form available in the incometax website. incase if the figres do not tally with mine, or if the TDS is not properly related tomy PAN number I will be put to great diffulty as I can claim the TDS amount for the amount reflected in the 26--AS only. The CBDT should do some thing to see that the TDS is immediately credited into our account (in F.No 26AS) and they can issue 16 -A with in the time prescribed.

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