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Ramesh Ramakrishnan
Messed up country of mine
by Ramesh Ramakrishnan on Oct 12, 2016 07:51 AM  | Hide replies

For once can we break stereotypes- Just look at how progressive the women of this country are and how backward the men folk are just from the comments below-

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Re: Messed up country of mine
by Yenoley on Oct 14, 2016 02:46 AM
The Women's Progression will lead to Downgrading & disabling the Males of India permanently in the long run.

In the Long run you will realize it.

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I guess The Landlords were Absolutely Spot on !!
by Yenoley on Oct 12, 2016 01:04 AM

Such people bring I11 0mens to the House and create nuisance.

I too am indisciplined, and If I had a chance, I will also deny such people a place to stay in a home if required.

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rajesh venkatraman
Its problem to live in single for both sexes with musical instrum
by rajesh venkatraman on Oct 11, 2016 07:38 PM

Even if the house owner being a man would allow a single female as stated in the article the land lady would not taking into consideration of the society as people nearby would start blaming them for not keeping up to the society environment where any person living in single (man or woman) with friends occasionally visiting them. The initial mindset would go the other way for other people living in the vincity

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Overnight guest
by Muhammed on Oct 11, 2016 07:12 PM

everyone knows what it is... paid service

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sandeep patil
by sandeep patil on Oct 10, 2016 12:40 PM  | Hide replies

Finally what is the conclusion .

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