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5 food lessons I learned from my granny

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Manju Gupta
Its big confusion!
by Manju Gupta on Nov 17, 2018 12:33 AM

See you just follow the food which was eaten by your grand parents ..because you got DNA from them. Food Mismatch from Ancient era to Modern Era is main reason for adverse effect on your health.
Actually, Brown Rice is a modern rice which can not be made without Machine and Electricity. and this Brown rice is not digestible because its very hard on stomach. Its take long time to cook.
Its better you could search real “Human Hand Pounded Natural Rice “which is made without any electricity, no machine ..No chemical … Because use of Machine Mill to make Rice from Paddy increases Temperature which destroys TASTE NUTRIENT FIBER of Rice even good Living microorganism also die because of high temperate.
Now a days people are cheating in the name to Hand Pounded Rice ..they are using machine to make if. Which look alike hand pounded but instead its not. See This Video …Its very hard work …almost this Ancient practice is going to die ..its need support

Thank You

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