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Bike Review: Hero Electric Cruz

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DeSouza Wilberious Evanglist
Electric Scooters
by DeSouza Wilberious Evanglist on May 03, 2016 06:22 PM

E-scootes with 250W motor are capable of a max speed of 40 kms/h. EVs preceded IC Engined fossil fuel vehicls. A car manufactured by Detroit Electric Car Company in 1909 with NiFe battery invented by Sir Thomas Alva Edison in 1903, still runs with the same battery even now. E-Scooters are to be installed with planetary gear & bevel gear combination in final drive with rubbe cushion coupler & DC To DC voltage regulator so that performance will remain even during the operating cahrge density range with accepatble gradient climbing ability. Hero Electric Cruz withouthout these is also rans

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Anil Arora
no odd-even issue
by Anil Arora on May 03, 2016 09:56 AM

No Petrol expense
service expense ?
Subsidy from Govt ? In Delhi

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by DINESH BARIK on May 02, 2016 06:49 PM  | Hide replies

Can't be compared with Activa.

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Re: hero
by Amit on May 02, 2016 07:37 PM
its not petrol engine to compare with activa.

But if they have petrol generator of 350 w , there won't be need to worry about range/charge limitation plus you can fill up petrol and run on electric power .

Extra power can be used to move it faster too at 40 - 50 kmph . Then ppl will be interested.

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