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#FatToFit: How I lost 26 kilos in 12 months

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RMK Proprietor
Second thought
by RMK Proprietor on Jun 03, 2016 08:18 PM

On a second thought, it is apparently true that one should not believe in superstitions of any kind. Belief in theory & practice of Witch Craft, Astrology, Tarot, Palm reading, Face & mind reading, Vastu, Numerology etc too much leads to more stress & strain on the body & mind, than what is really felt by an individual. There is no one in the entire universe & beyond like the "CELESTIAL ONE". Believe in him. U R passage after life will be smooth as butter. To conclude Numeric.No 8 is, but a silly ordinary no. which some people have blown out of proportion. Also my advise is don't shift gears in hurry, just on reading my earlier mail, which said 2 6=8, & 8 is dangerous etc etc. Go The normal way like the Prodigee " HARI ANANT". It may take some time, but benefits are there to see for a Long Term.

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RMK Proprietor
by RMK Proprietor on Jun 02, 2016 11:15 AM

Increase The weight loss instantly since 26 is a unlucky number for U R professional as well as Family career, everything will be sinked without trace because 2 6=8. 8 is the only no, which has no clue to get out from (Chakravyuha) i.e problems, IT FUNCTIONS AS A CLosed system, with no openings from any sides. So Be Careful

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RMK Proprietor
March from fat to slim
by RMK Proprietor on Jun 01, 2016 12:10 PM  | Hide replies

Congrats for reduction in weight by 26 Kilos in 12 months. Comparison should not be made, since it discourages an individual. However to sight an example. There is none to beat the record of The Business Tycoon's son The Prodigy in "HARI ANANT". who lost > 90 Kgs in 18 months. By his sheer determination & max efforts.

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Re: March from fat to slim
by Arun on Jun 02, 2016 04:05 AM
It is possible to lose 4-5 kg in a month due to diet control and regular jogging.

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