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10 places that serve the yummiest salads in Mumbai

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Shenaz Haveliwala
New place cropped up in Bombay
by Shenaz Haveliwala on Jan 06, 2018 08:28 PM

I am a fan of Ministry of salads, recently Le Garden-The Salad Company is a new delivery place with the YUMMIEST flavourful salads. Super healthy and fresh.

https://m.scootsy.com/le-gardenthe-salad-company-mazgaon-3688.html< BR>

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by BHUPESH SHAH on Jun 03, 2016 12:23 PM

Bombay Salad Company Bandra is number 1 Salad outlet in Mumbai. They also have Soup, Sandwiches, Rolls, Wraps, Thick shake, Coolers and more. I feel you have missed to include this outlet in your list.

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