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sree kumar
Educational reforms
by sree kumar on Jul 15, 2016 04:06 PM

Any such proposal should be part of educational reforms and should not be pursued independently. For example, the syllabus that each child has to study in History, Geography, Biology etc in class 8 & 9 are absolutely unnecessary and serves only in burdening them. These are the topics that children should study in specialization i.e., if they wishes to pursue these streams in colleges. In fact serious thought should given if the specialization that today starts after class 10, should actually start after class 8 so that from class 9 onwards children study only those subject that are of their interest. For general development of children, the studies till class 8 are more than enough.

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huma siddiqui
by huma siddiqui on Jul 15, 2016 03:44 PM

Why to refrain the underperformimg students from appearing in Boards when they were allowed to stay in the school till Class Eighth?? The school takes humongous amount in the name of Fee and other facility till VIII and then JUST WAKE UP FROM DEEP SLUMBER to NOTICE THE STUDENT'S PERFORMANCE.VERY BUSINESS LIKE.

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jay jay
Student self-actualisation & realisation beyond monetary
by jay jay on Jul 15, 2016 12:58 PM

I read an (cynical though) article about education system, exams etc. It sounded like in a test of swimming, it\'ll be the best runner that fails.
Let me explain... What/how the students/teachers & parents are failing is because they\'re no able to realise their liking/potential for any subject/science/project.
With information overload, today\'s kids are simply running where the \'buck\' is and aren\'t able to realise the need for putting in their heart & soul in the direction of interest that they\'re capable to pursue i.e. strengths (first) and passion (second), or vice-versa in a few top-notch cases.

Not everyone has the ability to be a genius scientist, leader, technocrat, business tycoon and stats go on to imply that over a period of one\'s lifetime, he/she gets what they\'re due based on overall abilities. Which of course, includes being apolitical/correct morally also.

Parents, first, students & teachers second, have to discuss issues at length about reasons of meeting fulfilling careers for each. Accordingly, variety of exams to be set viz. music exam cannot have mathematical formulae, bio wouldn\'t need stats so on and so forth, remember the swimming example I gave earlier? This compartmentalises top achievers earlier on career-wise.

And, a general exam for >80% people, since most remain undecided until the mid-life, about which no one can help, such as the one we have now.

I\'m sure everyone knows each capabilities, its just

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by R SHARMA on Jul 15, 2016 12:24 PM  | Hide replies

Delhi education budget was doubled last year. Where the money was spent if 50% failed in 9th class. Money should be spent in training of teachers so that they teach student with innovative methods and useful to all student. I am in favour of no-detention policy till class 8.

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by Arun on Jul 15, 2016 03:47 PM
Seriously, why should there be detention at all? The system should find what the student is good at by class 9 so that there will be no need to have such high detention in class 9. The step to go back to detention earlier will only add to pressure at young age. IIT-ians at the helm need to understand the needs of common man better

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shirin bhayani
by shirin bhayani on Jul 16, 2016 08:36 AM
I support no detention policy. There are lots of things to do in India instead of going back wards. How come no detention works well in foreign countries.. This is something to reflect on.. I believe all children have got potential to succeed in what they are interested. During school years children achievement should be overall. The policy is not to fail children but it is not saying not to encourage children..

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