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Oh, to catch a tiger, by its tale!

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Mahatma Gandhi
Why are these collars so big?
by Mahatma Gandhi on Feb 24, 2016 07:24 AM  | Hide replies

As we are progressing in tech.. why do we have such huge collars? Cant we make tiny ones? It will be easy on on these animals as well. Any real reason behind being so big?? (pure economics for cheaper stuff??)

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tim jim
Re: Why are these collars so big?
by tim jim on Feb 24, 2016 10:32 AM
Cause tigers may chew them on each other it has to be able to bear such abuse gandiji

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Super memorable trip
by Praveen on Feb 23, 2016 12:04 PM

Good article Shubir! Was a pleasure being a part of the trip with your guys.. thanks for taking the efforts to take frequent stops for the convoy pics!

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Amazing Trip
by GAURAV GUPTA on Feb 23, 2016 11:50 AM

You made our day Shubir best ever article

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