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Poor CIBIL score can cost you your dream job

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Poor CIBIL score can cost you your dream job
by S IYENGAR on Apr 22, 2016 03:11 PM  | Hide replies

It is highly ridiculous to have such a great thinking of getting CIBIL score rating over recruiting an employee.
Why this alone add more and more like divorce cases, Love affairs etc to get your assessment of an individual, you will not find a single employee to do your business.

All these are personal matters of anindividual, do not interfere on these and judge about a person.
If employees are given Personal Advance for their emergencies and genuine requirements, there is no necessity for him to go for a Bank Lian and default once they are sent out of job for many reasons the employers find.
How many employers will give Personal Advances or loans to their employees?
How many Profitably running IT Companies will give this? Are the employees getting or are they satisfied financially with their employers?
All apart let us count and assess who are the efaulters, employees or employers?
How many are peaceful in this world? Only employees are disturbed in mind and that too only financially. There are other worries too nag the human mind.
Employers are not running a Court or they are not a Psychiatrist to assess all these. Better leave the very idea.

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ramkrishna tiwari
scores needed
by ramkrishna tiwari on Apr 22, 2016 01:52 PM

nowadays only thing that companies dont possibly verify(atleast not publicly) is sexual history. ;-)

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