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Top 8 biographies every entrepreneur should read

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You can add this also......
by on May 25, 2015 04:54 PM

You ca add this also and it is really worth reading...
a. Bloodline by Sidney Sheldon
b. A Entrepreneur Deciphered - Shri BH Jain Chairman of JAIN IRRIGATION SYSTEM LIMITED GROUP
I hope for sure with certainty that you have given all these eight biographies, after reading the, thoroughly and relevant from Indian point of view.
I have done for the both and in nutshell state
a. Bloodline : The hero is simple adolescent boy who becomes Chairman of a big Pharmaceuticals Corporation.
b. An Entrepreneur Deciphered - Chairman Shri BH Jain jas just had only Rs. 7000.00 (1964) of which some amount was burrowed from his relatives. Today he is owner of more than 5 billion crore company. I served there for five years up to May 2014. He has done lots of first for poor and farmers

Kindly do read both book and add them to make it ten

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veena adige
by veena adige on May 20, 2015 04:55 PM

The biographies suggested are really good. I would like to add one more. Biography of Baba Amte titled \'The Legacy of Baba Amte\'. At a time when leprosy affected people were shunned and treated worse than sickly stray dogs, he took them under his wings and gave them a life to lead. He treated them, gave them honour and respectability and a place to live and work. He also helped the tribals of Gadchiroli district, the physically challenged, the disabled ones . True he received several awards but his biggest awards were in the affection of the people he helped. His biography definitely should be read and understood. It is inspirational.

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