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'St Stephen's 99% cut-off wrong at several levels'

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Marks of 71 may not be enough to get you a seat today Mr.Tharoor.
by K JAYA on Jun 24, 2015 07:49 AM

Mr. Tharoor, there is lot of difference between 99% in aggregate and scoring \"5 points\". Taking a hypothetical situation a child scoring just 90 in all the five subjects would score \"5 points\" but in percentage terms it would be treated as 90%. Another child scoring 95 in four subjects and 89 in one would score \"6 points\" (lesser than \"5 points\") but in percentage terms it would be 93.8).

It would have been much better if you would have informed about your marks in percentage terms. There is a perception that the kind of marks that we have seen over the years is nothing but a phenomenon called \"GRADE INFLATION\". There is a widespread perception that grades are “not what they used to be.” Indeed, there is substantial factual evidence that the grades awarded in both high school and college are higher than they were two or three decades ago.

As a practising teacher, I support your view that there should be common test on the lines on SAT.

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