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5 harmful money habits! Beware

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Careless CIBIL
by on Jun 13, 2015 01:00 PM

CIBIL must see the behavior of Banks & Financial Institutions.
I have had a Home loan From DCB bank sanctioned & disbursed on 05.12.2004 @ 7.25% at fix rate of interest for whole tenor, the bank cheated me, the bank fabricate a forged sanctioned letter & also forged my signatures on it with a condition overleaf that fix rate will be converted into floating after three years, overleaf is without any signature,
and on this behalf asking me to pay, i replied as mentioned but of no use & the bank increase the number of EMIs, my account was shared with CIBIL showing over dues.
I filed a declaration suit in the court of law & succeeded on dated 02.01.2015.
I sent a notice to the bank to return my documents but of no use.
AK-35, Shalimar Bagh,

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