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Meet India's first woman Air Traffic Controller

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subhash phadkar
by subhash phadkar on Jun 07, 2015 08:54 AM  | Hide replies

The short service Commissioned officers have a much shorter term of service than the retired officers of regular commissioned officers.No pension to SSC officers as they put in less than 20 years of pensionable service in the forces.The SSC officers have a better chance to settle down in the private sectors,but they need to upgrade their skill and educational background to match with the requirement.SOPS should consider all this and then find a solution.any case the normal retirement age in the service sector is not beyond 60.A Pension is a long term benefit which is in addition to the post retirement jobs.Logic has to be worked out.

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subhash phadkar
Re: SSC and SOPS
by subhash phadkar on Jun 07, 2015 09:00 AM
One Rank One Pension-OROP talks have failed?

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afzal ahmed
Incorrect heading
by afzal ahmed on Jun 05, 2015 02:43 PM

For general information - There are plenty of women ATC controllers in India and for quite sometime now. The author should have added to the title, 'as per my extremely limited knowledge'. :) {meaning no aspersion to Ms. Ramadevi on her superb achievement}

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This is a patently wrong piece
by piri on Jun 04, 2015 02:02 PM  | Hide replies

of information.

The Airports Authority of India had several fully independent and serving women ATC officers as far back as the late 1980s !

Women make up a big proportion of the ATC community in India now. And women trainees dominate at least some of the batches attending training programs at the Civil Aviation Training College (CATC) at Allahabad.

I should know this very well. I have one very close female relative who donned the ATC's role in 1991. And she was most certainly not the first woman in India to do so !

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Re: This is a patently wrong piece
by piri on Jun 04, 2015 02:05 PM
Perhaps Ms. Remadevi is the first woman NAVAL ATC !

But then, this is no way to describe her uniqueness !

And, truth be told, Naval ATCs have to do just a fraction of the work that regular civil aviation ATCs do !

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Prasad Kulkarni
Re: This is a patently wrong piece
by Prasad Kulkarni on Jun 04, 2015 02:15 PM
The ranking does not matter but the job does.

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Re: Re: This is a patently wrong piece
by piri on Jun 04, 2015 02:39 PM
I referred to the misleading title and content of the article, if you did not notice !

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it's women era...
by dineshhassija on Jun 04, 2015 09:55 AM

...who better are result oriented...

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