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Beware of banking frauds: You could be a victim

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Sheetal Kaur
Banking frauds
by Sheetal Kaur on Feb 08, 2015 06:47 PM

90% of banking frauds happen from India, all UK bank except one has their call centres in India and it has been High lighted several times how the fraudsters sell information of UK costumers.
This information is then used by the fraudsters to target venerable costumers.
Fortunately UK has a banking policy that no bank will E-mail or telephone costumers.
If a bank needs to contact a costumer then the bank writes to the costumer and asks to make an appointment with their branch.
That is the Safety valve used by the bank , it is completely waterproof except some idiotic costumers fall for the prank just out of greed.
I have had calls from India several times asking for passwords and card numbers. I have never provided with one and inform my bank straight away where upon my cards are cancelled and new ones issued.
Indian banks do not act promptly and the fraudsters get away with stealing money from the costumers account.

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