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She has a great future in Bollywood
by NIRJHAR MAJUMDAR on Dec 26, 2015 08:26 PM

Even at 21, she looks so sensuous. That is what Bollywood wants from women. To become a Miss World or Universe, you need to display your intelligence and sophistication, not the ability to perform cabaret dancing.

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Sriram R
by Sriram R on Dec 23, 2015 10:19 AM

Agree with Arun that these contests are no longer big. And anyways all these contests are stage managed

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Arun Premraj
by Arun Premraj on Dec 22, 2015 04:27 PM

main purpose of miss india after pc win was to get into Bollywood
so that's why no one cares abt winning miss world or universe anymore and these things aren't so big as they were 15 yrs ago..
anyway its being jobless after next winner

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The only times
by piri on Dec 22, 2015 01:00 AM  | Hide replies

women belonging to the negrito or negrito-draxvidian raxces have won the title were the two occasions when Indians won the crown !

The Indians have been taking part in this contest each year for more than half a century, dutifully laboring on each occasion for ages with their appearance, gait, accent, speech, etc. so as to get them as close as physically possible to what they imagine as those of most white women !

However, aside of the two instances when MNCs in the world of fashion arguably had a commercial interest in getting Indians to win the title to promote their wares in India, the Indian women have hardly ever made a contest of it !

In a field dominated and controlled by the whites, that is only so far negrito-draxvidians can go !

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Re: The only times
by Hindustani on Dec 22, 2015 09:41 AM
What is your problem ? You are always complaining about Races ? Why are you so much obsessed with it ? Are you a racist ? I think you are a new category of racists who hates white women....

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Vikrant Kanwal
Re: The only times
by Vikrant Kanwal on Dec 23, 2015 01:01 PM
you people are full of hate, nobody cares about you here or in canada or in america.

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raghu rao
Not required
by raghu rao on Dec 21, 2015 10:36 PM

She is already getting good movie offers. She does not need the miss universe title.

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better take ur dance form to street dance
by bhaskar on Dec 21, 2015 10:25 PM

people will go weird.

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