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How to travel across India on just Rs 300 a day

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priyanka singh
Travelling India
by priyanka singh on Dec 15, 2015 07:57 AM

Hi Hitesh I do the same and earlier I thouht that You are kidding but as I went through the whole article,I found that except alcohal(I dont drink) my expenses and way of journey is same.Come to my place when you are in jaipur and share address of yours when I am there.Good one

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Sreekumar Krishnapillai
Travelling across india and living it!
by Sreekumar Krishnapillai on Dec 11, 2015 03:22 PM

One of the best posts I have read in a long time. Though there's a bit of repetition towards the end, as the author pushes on with the option of taking free stuff a little too much (really worth it, but not needed to repeat it so much). I have been reading the articles in the web where people in the US who (actually) live in their Car, recite their tips. This article is rather similar, I found. Certainly the less ego, the more broad minded, flexible, the better for you. The wide world is open for all of us, yet we remain stuck in our muds, with our silly preoccupations. Kudos Hitesh! Hope to see more such articles.

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Mansoor Kazi
Liked the Conclusion
by Mansoor Kazi on Dec 07, 2015 08:05 AM

what all suggestions for travelling in a minimal budget might not be acceptable to everyone but the lesson we can learn from the following lines mentioned
"When we have less money, we will need people more than anything else"

"You will learn that we need to know who we are without our possessions.

We need to define ourselves by who we are rather than by what we have.

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Sivakumar N
Good Ideas....
by Sivakumar N on Dec 04, 2015 04:13 PM

Very nice and informative. Thanks very much.

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prashant soni
by prashant soni on Dec 04, 2015 03:59 PM

nice information, with a good motivation n encouragement for all people like me who thinks about travelling n dont.

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Ravinder chepuri
Friends and Foes
by Ravinder chepuri on Dec 04, 2015 03:27 PM

"You’d be surprised to see that most of those whom you thought were useless people will actually come forward to your help and many so-called closed ones will turn down your requests."
Very much true.

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jack Pais
very nice
by jack Pais on Dec 04, 2015 11:30 AM

what an informative piece of information!!!

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