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The sons who won't leave home

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t prasad
Sons who won't leave homes
by t prasad on May 04, 2015 12:34 PM

This article is little absorb, all those father's who repent about their son's not leaving their home even after becoming adults will repent in their later days once their son's leave the house and never return back due to work either in the same place or different locations. I think this could be because more people are working globally i.e in a family of fours all the family members may be working in different geographical location and they may communicate with one another through video conference at the week ends. In this kind of life style, the present generation parents think that their children should also work like them.

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xx xx
just get out
by xx xx on May 04, 2015 11:29 AM

Ajit Balakrishnan!! Just get out of the country. Emigrate and be happy. Do not propagate your empty copycat ideas here.

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Rama Kumar
Spoilt sons and Nehru
by Rama Kumar on May 04, 2015 11:11 AM

And look what he did to our country!Split it up since he did not want to share power.
Anyways not all 'Boomerang Kids' have lofty ideals, the same as not all college-dropouts can be Steve jobs,etc.
Present day parents really need help to deal with such a situation.

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kalyan sundar
who are behind it!!!
by kalyan sundar on Apr 26, 2015 06:39 PM

The reason behind it are women only!! Either in the role if wife, mother or daughter.

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Sudershan Shukla
Sorry the example is shit.
by Sudershan Shukla on Apr 24, 2015 03:55 PM

Jawaharlal Nehru's times were different the example does not fit into fit into today's scenario. Those were the days of joint families. My grandfather did not move out, his brother did because of a lucrative offer. Neither my father nor my uncles did leave home. My brothers all except one are under one roof including their children. We are planing expansion of the house instead of breaking the house hold. Joint family doesn't mean irresponsibility. There are more people in fact to goad an idler into action. When both parents work they can not control the child, nor guide properly.

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alok bhagat
what about the children point of view?
by alok bhagat on Apr 23, 2015 01:30 PM

it is true that children should be independent and earning in there 20s and 30s after having decent education. but that independence does not mean that they should leave the homes. If this is what the parents wanted just as in western countries, this is incorrect. firstly paper your child with all your love and other facilities, make him comfortable and then asking him to move out of the comfort zone to a degraded life style is uncalled for. If he is spoiled and not doing anything its ok as a deterrent measure, but if is doing good or if doing ok in his carrrer, they can support him untill the child gets in line. Parents coming from modest background had done hardwork and struggled in their life to make their and families life comfortable, they had no/modest means, but wanting their child to do the same struggle just because they faced the same is not correct. The fact is They cannot see their children having comfortable life style, they compare thier and the child's life in that age. Hum tumhari umar ke the to itna aaaram nahi tha!! parents having hardworking youth life had no options but their children are having the means and options to explore newer opportunities, so take time. ppl wanting their child to do the same struggle as they did is waste of all thier hard work by which they brought their family lifestyle to this level. Rather they should strive that their child should take this to further up in life. i may be wrong in many ppls eyes but thats what i think

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Any sense?
by Vish on Apr 22, 2015 09:23 PM  | Hide replies

Does this article even make sense in the Indian context?

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xx xx
Re: Any sense?
by xx xx on May 04, 2015 11:26 AM
Very good question. This is written from a completely Western perspective. How about sons/daughters who take care of their parents till the end of their lives. Isn't that a wonderfull thing? Why do we need to abandon that just because Europeans do so?

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nitin prakash talreja
Not all childrens living with Parents are directionless
by nitin prakash talreja on Apr 22, 2015 02:22 PM

This article assumes a point that childrens living with their family are directionless. In a city where buying a house is luxury, why is this article trying to encourage people to have separate houses which is phenomenon in west ( our society is moving towards it). If everyone follows this soon the houses will be un affordable for genuine buyers also. Dude if your dad owns a decent house and you & he are compatible what is the need to buy a another house, instead you can pay rent to him if you want to prove you are selfsufficient.

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