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Interest rates
by Bhagwan on Nov 30, 2014 11:16 PM

Have the prices come down and got corrected ...the answer is big no,It is good to hear and see the talks of rate cuts in words but unless the inflation and the cascading effect of power tariff increase, gas prices and oil price and house hikes which took the toll of the people is not corrected the rate cut will be adding to the inflation from the current levels, and the reasons for the cheer will be for the corporate sector which if continues with its paramount greed and gets the things done by exerting influence on the people in power, it will become bitterly unpopular and be despised by the people who brought the change to see the sigh of relief not the bitter pills...only the players in stock and debt market would do the advocacy of lower interest rates not the real well wishers of economy and the masses...

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