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Reader Invite: What's in your dabba? Send us a picture!

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Tom Dick
why do we have to advertise?
by Tom Dick on Jun 15, 2014 09:42 AM

Why should one disclose what is in ones dabba? I thought these are private moments one enjoys what his loved one send in a dabba. May be it is our mentality to peep into others business?

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Jonnalagedda Pardhasaradhi
What was in my dabba?
by Jonnalagedda Pardhasaradhi on May 29, 2014 10:48 AM

I always found my wife's love when I used to open my dabba at lunch.

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Pat Thakur
Why doesn't rediff start posting the dabbas of their fav's.....
by Pat Thakur on May 22, 2014 07:37 PM

Kangress, Sickulars, Filiwallahs, Socialites etc. If they want to exhibit home rags for gossip, then why chose the poor junta?

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Danish Jamal
Wait for Lunch Time
by Danish Jamal on May 22, 2014 12:47 PM

Wait till 1 pm i.e, Lunch Time.

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