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8 CV mistakes that could ruin your career

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Anil Joshi
Things matters
by Anil Joshi on Mar 07, 2014 12:42 PM

1. Lowest salary
2. Luck (your resume in right hand at right time)

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amit agarwal
why there is no code of conduct for companies?
by amit agarwal on Mar 06, 2014 04:32 PM

there is no article which states that employers should behave properly so that attrition rate reduces. For e.g by mentioning few things very clearly: job profile, whom will the person report to, work hours, salary in hand, leaves or benefits which the person is entitled to. They ask for signing bond, no competition agreement, not working with any competitor after leaving employment for 2 years, no time for going home but well defined time to come, no overtime but keep on working extra hours, carry work load home, always threatening to remove from job, office politics, clean toilets for employees, always looking to underpay then what a candidate deserves because of huge unemployment problem. All these problems are less to a very large extent in govt. sector. There everything is clearly defined. They give you salary structure for next 2 to 3 years and what is going to be your next promotion as. They have well defined working hours, and all the other issues which I've mentioned above are less to a large extent. Plus the salary advantage of private sector is also finished by govt sector with implementation of 6th pay commission salaries. Recently DA of employees has increased to 100%. 7th pay commission salary is being considered. Without any doubt their is a huge chunk of talent wanting to work for govt sector. Pvt sector thinks about its own security and they like to play with careers of individuals. So is not the case with govt. sector.

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amit agarwal
Useless article
by amit agarwal on Mar 06, 2014 04:11 PM  | Hide replies

When employers have no time to read a CV then why a cover letter is required? when you've to mention lots of things on your CV and the fonts also has to be big and readable then how can one fit all the info in 2-3 pages (for people with experience)? the article is irrelevant in today environment. what works is whether your work experience matches the requirement and the budget of the employer. For e.g. you are software engineer and you are making 5 lakhs p.a. using certain programming skills etc. Now when you change job for better salary the employer will look whether your work experience is helpful to him and the extra salary which he will pay to you above Rs 5 lakhs is worthwhile. If yes then a deal is struck. Next works is your connections. Your luck. Hard work one has to keep on doing till he will die but luck also has to work. Else he will always see failure.

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Anand Tamariya
Re: Useless article
by Anand Tamariya on Mar 11, 2014 08:58 AM
I agree. May be the writer has never worked in a pvt. sector.

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Farooq Ahmed
Both Akshay and Shownak are right
by Farooq Ahmed on Mar 04, 2014 02:12 PM  | Hide replies

both of you guys are right.we can do both things to maximise our chances of getting that big break.

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Biren Shah
Re: Both Akshay and Shownak are right
by Biren Shah on Mar 04, 2014 02:30 PM
Yes, but unfortunately, Networking is the "good" name given now to the same years-old technique in India called "Reference Letter" - There is no concept of equal opportunity regardless of age/gender/qualifications - all that is only on paper in company policies - only people get interviewed by so called "reference".

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Akshay Singh
Re: Re: Both Akshay and Shownak are right
by Akshay Singh on Mar 04, 2014 02:43 PM

You are right Biren and that is why one needs to get oneself “referenced” to get a job.

The reason for “referencing” and networking before giving someone a job is to check and ensure that this candidate won’t become a threat to hiring entity after he or she hires him or her. This is the reason why people get good jobs only when they know someone important directly or through someone who can “guarantee” or can be held “accountable” if the candidate turns “hostile” after securing the job! These “referencing” systems have been instituted and well entrenched in the Indian public sector more stringently than in the private sector. There is no way around these “systems”.

This is why I suggested that those who really want to get a job without wasting their time in inconsequential activities should start looking for someone who is influential or knows someone influential to give them a job.

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Biren Shah
Re: Re: Re: Both Akshay and Shownak are right
by Biren Shah on Mar 04, 2014 04:56 PM
Correct Akshay - and I remember this year that I tried for 6 months with resume, cover letter, modifying resume specific to job requirements and all such tricks mentioned here, but could get interview call 90% time only when referred by some friend or networking on LinkedIn. They all mentioned that your resume and career progress is great - but then why there were no interviews earlier?!
As you mentioned, they tend to believe through reference. These days, there are so many fake resume and candidates - companies dont trust unless candidates are certified by some known person. Though, it is not a very good sign where equal opportunities are denied and even companies dont get best candidates, the risk is balanced by hiring through reference.

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Akshay Singh
by Akshay Singh on Mar 04, 2014 12:16 PM  | Hide replies

Great resumes, CVs, Cover letters, interview preparations and all other shenanigans to land a job are nonsensical and a complete waste of time!

Instead of doing all this, develop your contacts by networking with influential people.

Gatecrash big seminars and conventions or other places where you can meet people who have the power to give you a job by simply making a phone call.

This is not only a proven, effective way to ensure that you will get a job but also the only way you will progress in your career!

Wasting time preparing great resumes, CVs, Cover letters, interview answers is for losers who will never get anywhere in their lives or in whatever excuse they have for a career!

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Re: Nonsensical
by Shownak on Mar 04, 2014 12:44 PM
Right!. In a third world country where for every single opening there are millions of aspirants, most of the interviewers' effort go into elimination rather than giving opportunity to the right person. The situation is such that an employer demands a B.E. or B.Tech for a sweeper's job.

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Gaurav chawla
Re: Re: Nonsensical
by Gaurav chawla on Mar 20, 2014 11:02 PM
Right,I 100% agree with you view point.This is what every employer wants

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