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10 things no one will tell you at your workplace

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by AMITAVA MUKHOPDAHYAY on Feb 21, 2016 12:51 PM

If we are working properly, there might be jealous around but no body fight with you for long time as you are perfect in terms of punctuality, sincerity, industrous & soft spoken .

Your nature is your asset you can work for yourself only. hence DO YOUR WORK ONLY, RESULT SHOULD COME AUTOMATICALLY


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Work well when on duty
by Dams on Feb 19, 2016 01:33 PM

Just work well on your duty hours,, don't think much about success and money then... Aim your goal well, you will achieve everything one day !!!

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The facts
by iota on Feb 17, 2015 01:49 PM  | Hide replies

The facts are like these in desi companies:

1. There is no such thing working for a Company. You are working for a boss.

2. There are plenty of incompetent people at the top. Infact too many.

3. People often get hired, promoted for reasons other than their work-performance. If you can't deal with that, do your own business then.

4. Your boss can become jealous, insecure if you perform too well. He can blame you if you do not perform. You would be extremely lucky to find a competent boss, there aren't many.

5. Your work performance matters more when you are at entry level. As you go up the ladder, other things matter.

6. People who are in same organization for long - you will often find they are incompetent (not always, but often).

Inspite of all this, don't let your good self fade away. Be good person, inspite of all this. After all life is much bigger than some office.

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Message deleted by moderator
Re: The facts
by TAPOS MOITRA on Feb 19, 2016 12:31 PM
I agree. This is the true picture.

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It is All Rubbish in India....
by RSS on Nov 03, 2014 09:25 PM

1) Co-workers and Colleagues are Jealous of you (For any reason and will look to nai1 you the very moment something goes wrong).

2) Boss expects 100% work, gives 10% salary, No Hikes / Allowances / Leave / Promotion - Expects everyone else to stay down forever.

3) Company expects 1000 for itself, gives only 10 to others.

4) No happiness to Employees, only work work work without Major expectations and work only for Basic survival like slaves.

5) British left India but made us into Permanent slaves of Local and MNC Companies without self respect for downtrodden citizens.

6) Politicians are not at all bothered about Common Man and are only bothered about maintaining Power and Bank balance at the expense of Country and citizens

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some fool has re-published this ariticle again in rediff
by venky on Jul 18, 2014 03:18 PM  | Hide replies

if you are not going to give freedom to your employees it means you don't trust them.. don't be a fool and bring all your old ideas here..times are changing..these kinda of mangement will work only in low class saree bussiness or platform traders..grow up..we are talking abt mncs..youngsters don't follow this and try to dream and get your dream job

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Pat Thakur
Re: some fool has re-published this ariticle again in rediff
by Pat Thakur on Jul 18, 2014 03:32 PM
the only thing that makes bosses what they are is one thing

cut-throat brain.

the only thing that makes employees where they are is

lolling tongue.

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Issues which cannot be resolved
by musician on Jul 08, 2014 09:36 AM

The article says your first job decides the rest of your career. Now a days in private sector, where there is habit of frequently changing jobs, one needs to prove himself every time he changes the job. For e.g. if one has served a good private company for 10 years and rose to a successful position, if he moves to a better company again he need to prove, despite whatever he might have achieved in his previous company. That means the success of ladder in previous profession may not be carried on into the the next professional change. Similarly after another 10 years another change - again same thing. Since most companies prescribe probationary period in the beginning, one needs to struggle for achievement - otherwise ratings are bad. How can first job decide the future success - never in private sector. Even in govt. sector - to some extent seniority and recognition gets importance, but there too frequent change in superior officers (mainly transfers) requires efficient funtioning continuously so as to enable the new higher officers to effectively apprise the juniors.

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This article surely is written by a boss
by com on Jul 08, 2014 03:34 AM  | Hide replies

Looks like someone in rediff wanted to give some guidelines to someone below and this is how they are doing it :). Everybody browses facebook, don't be a hitler, it is okay as long as the person is not neglecting their work or going slow on it.

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Ajay Devendranath
Re: This article surely is written by a boss
by Ajay Devendranath on Jul 08, 2014 12:40 PM

This article has been copy-pasted from a foreign mostly American publication!

This is the best cheapskate Rediff and its underpaid employees can do!

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Pat Thakur
Re: Re: This article surely is written by a boss
by Pat Thakur on Jul 08, 2014 11:18 PM
What else can you expect from the brains of it's covert editor i.e. Owl baba?

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by Rythm on Jul 08, 2014 02:01 AM

Try all you want but the fact remains that one is happy only when one is doing the work one loves. An actor acting, a musician creating music, a painter painting, designer designing, etc. The rest of us with no aims or objective, are merely living to serve others. So yes, we look forward to weekends, our aim is to spend time with friends and family, look forward to vacations, etc. All these things about creativity, productivity, out of the box, etc created by MBA minds wont affect us. We dont like Mondays. We dont like to work. We would like a lottery to retire right now.

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Pat Thakur
In any Govt. or Private organisation, only 2 things hold true -
by Pat Thakur on Jul 07, 2014 07:44 PM

a) Bosses are always only on lookout for angling die-hard lickers n forming their own group.

b) Employees are always only on lookout for godfather/ godmother & becoming die-hard members of their group.

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