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9 places in college you probably never knew existed!

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Ramachandra N
Yuck article
by Ramachandra N on Jul 04, 2014 10:41 AM

Needs to be trashed. Why degrade college?

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Gaurav GUPTA
What message are we sending out?
by Gaurav GUPTA on Jul 03, 2014 10:55 AM

Another Bad Article written on the urging of the media that treat college as some sort of day time club where people go to relax.
Treating the Library as a dark corner to make out is disrespectful towards books and the knowledge they hold.
Very Few Colleges have placement cells and no we really are not looking for jobs that involve grovelling as a skill.
Career counselling is a under rated step in India. In the developed world career counselling starts in high school and focus is on the job which will suit the students aptitude and skill.
Students council is a good place to learn basic leadership skills and its not a ticket vending window
In my opinion the Debating club has increased in importance as so many of us lack the skill of putting our point across in words and not use our fists/profanities/or raise our voices. Oh ,by the way, That nerd in the front bench just may be your boss later on.
College fees in india should be made rupees one lakh per year for Commerce, Arts and Science with student loans upto rupees 5 lakhs available to the student with minimum documentation, low interest rates and ability to mortgage assets. Not only will the state of colleges improve but also only those who are serious about colleges and studies and career get in.

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